Richard Buckminster Fuller in: Nine Chains to the Moon (1938)

Irmgard Lochner-Aldinger, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Peter und Lochner Beratende Ingenieure GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Biberach University of Applied Sciences, Biberach / Riss, Germany

"In architecture, form is a noun;

in industry, form is a verb"

Being a structural engineer by profession, I like to construct and analyze things. I am interested in how an object performs under loading - as all objects undergo the play of loading and supporting, no matter which scale they are, and no matter whether they are man-made or grown by nature. The study of "lightweight structures" has had a strong influence on my university education and my actual work. Whenever my time allows, I like to study the influence between the form and the structural behaviour of an object under loading.  Find an insight into my work on the following pages. Please get in contact in case you would like to pursue cooperation.